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My American Cousin

Posted by Sunil on November 7, 2010

By Sunil Kumar

India waits with bated breath as the President of the United States lands in its commercial capital. The country’s functioning anarchy gets a kick in the groin when the most powerful man in the world decides to visit.

The President starts with usual panache – a verbal flourish and does what a good salesman can do exceedingly well- sell his country to the hosts. The Land of the Free does not need a window to its soul – we all know American marketing muscle only too well.

Incredibly, India is at the verge of an incredible change – the world now looks at the country’s growth story as a significant event in global history. Existential debates on survival will continue – as we increasingly integrate into the mainstream.

As a country, we are only too conscious of our shortcomings – the world outside does not need to point fingers. Politicians and industrialists react with typical candour – some may even find a hint of servility. Magicians need gullible audiences – the brown Asian fits into the mould admirably.

Glib Western messiahs in fancy business suits suit our pretentious midriff- the country’s burgeoning middle class. Do the poor really matter in our scheme of things? Writers in blogs cannot be seers- intellectual speculation however is a very human failing. Only time will tell whether the country lives up to its incredible aspirations. Till then we await a new beginning – benign and benefical.


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