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Shadowlands, Alternative Timelines and Identity

Posted by Sunil on March 10, 2011

By Sunil Kumar

Evolution created a dichotomy. The mind creates shadow lands- peeping images, glimpses of nowhere spooking your innards.


Alternative timelines can scare you- the choices you make determine destiny. The eternal conundrum – fate v/s free will. Science is inadequate, philosophy does not live up to its promise. Is the soul real, or is evolution the result of a big bang ending in a big crunch? Where do I go from here? Or do your gray cells refuse to acknowledge a new idiom? Millions of nanoseconds later, an identity is elusive.

There is certainly no reason to explain why despots survive, human beings fight and there is an incredible need to expect the unexpected. Similarly, what drives somebody to pen ideas in a blog. The entire wordpress universe, the amount of opinions in the blogosphere are jarring.


For anybody writing a comment on this post, make it a point to add to the debate. Start a discussion, realize the beauty of life and add to intellectual discourse. Give links if you must, but create a thought trail – healthy debate will add to my mental wellbeing and help a few more readers who make it a point to go through these posts.

Netizens beware, you have nothing to lose but some broadband bandwidth. The time taken to go through this message should add to your latent sensibilities, make it a point to create a forum for collective brainstorming.

In simple words, make interesting comments.



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