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Samsung to Announce S4

Posted by Sunil on March 14, 2013

LOCKED in a fierce battle in the smartphone market, South Korean giant Samsung tomorrow will unveil its latest device aimed at challenging Apple.

The Galaxy S4 is set to be unveiled at New York’s Radio City Music Hall at about 11am Friday AEST and has been generating buzz worthy of the iPhone, as the two firms fight for leadership in smartphones in the US and global markets.

Samsung has released no details about the device, but it is widely expected to be an upgraded, slightly larger version of its Galaxy S3, with some new bells and whistles.

According to media reports, the S4 will be able to respond to eye movements with an enhanced interface, and will offer an improved display.

Samsung has released a series of videos on the internet and has hired dancers to promote the event with street performances in Times Square, complete with a sign that reads, “Be Ready 4 The Next Galaxy”.
Samsung has become the top smartphone maker worldwide with a 29 per cent market share, according to IDC, while in the US market Apple remains the king and sells more than one of every three mobile phones.

The Galaxy S3 has sold more than 40 million worldwide since its launch last May and has some analysts debating which of the two firms is ahead in innovation.

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