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Existential Angst

Written as a compendium of English-language poetry, the book is the author’s foray into uncharted elements of the human psyche. Novelty is a facet of existence, and to find intensity in everyday life is challenging. At different times in history, we have faced crises that redefined the scope of our engagement with the environment.

In nearly every poem, we encounter the author’s yearning for a deeper understanding of the issues confronting us daily. Reviewed by august personalities such as one of the country’s leading poet laureates, the book is a deeply sensitive and delicately etched questioning of our relationship with the universe.

Available on Amazon, Printsasia and Flipkart as well as leading bookstores globally. The book is catalogued in the British Council, Sussex and has also been selected in the U.S South Asian Literature List.

My bylines have been used by many major companies such as TIBCO, SAS etc. in their internal newsrooms.

Also, the Deputy Director General of CDAC Noida has referenced (Bank Security: A Pandora’s Box) in his software workshop paper on ‘Building a Successful and Demonstrable Information Technology Risk Management Programme (IT-RMP)’.

From the Published Version: Description

An ana of narrative poems written with candor and deep regard for humanity, Sunil’s poetry offers the readers fresh authentic impressions that clearly reflect his restlessness and search for many facets of life.

At the same time, it displays his prowess with words and the ability to shape them in regress with flashes of brilliance and persistent originality. A must read for those who savor creativity.

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