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The Foreign Minister’s Visit

Posted by Sunil on August 28, 2011

By Sunil Kumar

Blood is thicker than water. All of us agree that the India-Pakistan relationship is drenched in red, albeit of a different hue. Whenever our distinguished foreign ministers meet, there is a lot of talk and practically no substance. Promises are made, only to be broken at the next moment.

Our opinionated intelligentsia, millions of media personnel and distinguished analysts indulge in systematically undermining the Indian nation-state. As cry-babies, we constantly bicker on our inept bureaucracy, inefficient police and archaic laws. But, practically little actually changes. When Hina Rabbani Khar, Pakistan’s first woman minister of foreign affairs landed on our shores, the media was agog with stories of a feminine touch: Roberto Cavalli shades, Birkin bags and pearls. We also had the vision of a peaceful detente between two old foes: India and Pakistan.

When blood is spilt on the streets of Mumbai, there is absolute apathy from the state and the government. How can a woman’s accessories be more important than the thousands of people who lost their lives, crores of property destroyed, and the sheer negligence of our lawmakers?

Our diplomatic entourage, with our distinguished foreign minister, erudite foreign secretary are busy planning their next plum assignments. When the Indian nation-state is bleeding from a thousand cuts, why don’t they arm our police with more weapons, fence our borders and create a more robust security infrastructure?

As honest tax payers, the least we can expect from the government is concern for a hassled population. In some time, Mumbai is set to be the most populated metropolis in the world. The strain of living in an urban jungle is already evident in the collapse of many civic institutions, pressure on land, resources, lakes etc.

When we talk of building world-class cities, and bringing our country at par with the rest of the world, the least we can expect from the media is attention on serious issues and not frivolity. My empathy is for the millions of traumatized citizen who have been brutalized by the senseless violence emanating from across the border.

Admittedly, an eye for an eye makes the world blind. But when you are already bleeding, somebody has to take guard and sock it back. When a journalist with the courage to take on the oil mafia is gunned down in broad daylight at an avenue that is supposed to be one of Mumbai’s safest, what precedent does it set for everybody else? We have to assume the reign of terror will continue, and those in authority will accept our neighbor’s sweets.(Bombs come with the package)

Moral posturing, and preachy news bytes have not gotten us anywhere. When will India wake up and smell the coffee? Maybe, in our next birth, when our sins are washed away at Haridwar. (Ahem, beg your pardon, even the ghats at Varanasi had to face militant ire).

India earnestly waits for a savior. Not the supermen of Bollywood, or the religion inspired concept that has led to more misery, and blood than anything else. But the next practical realist who can actually save our souls. Till then, waiting for a new beginning.

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Shadowlands, Alternative Timelines and Identity

Posted by Sunil on March 10, 2011

By Sunil Kumar

Evolution created a dichotomy. The mind creates shadow lands- peeping images, glimpses of nowhere spooking your innards.


Alternative timelines can scare you- the choices you make determine destiny. The eternal conundrum – fate v/s free will. Science is inadequate, philosophy does not live up to its promise. Is the soul real, or is evolution the result of a big bang ending in a big crunch? Where do I go from here? Or do your gray cells refuse to acknowledge a new idiom? Millions of nanoseconds later, an identity is elusive.

There is certainly no reason to explain why despots survive, human beings fight and there is an incredible need to expect the unexpected. Similarly, what drives somebody to pen ideas in a blog. The entire wordpress universe, the amount of opinions in the blogosphere are jarring.


For anybody writing a comment on this post, make it a point to add to the debate. Start a discussion, realize the beauty of life and add to intellectual discourse. Give links if you must, but create a thought trail – healthy debate will add to my mental wellbeing and help a few more readers who make it a point to go through these posts.

Netizens beware, you have nothing to lose but some broadband bandwidth. The time taken to go through this message should add to your latent sensibilities, make it a point to create a forum for collective brainstorming.

In simple words, make interesting comments.



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My American Cousin

Posted by Sunil on November 7, 2010

By Sunil Kumar

India waits with bated breath as the President of the United States lands in its commercial capital. The country’s functioning anarchy gets a kick in the groin when the most powerful man in the world decides to visit.

The President starts with usual panache – a verbal flourish and does what a good salesman can do exceedingly well- sell his country to the hosts. The Land of the Free does not need a window to its soul – we all know American marketing muscle only too well.

Incredibly, India is at the verge of an incredible change – the world now looks at the country’s growth story as a significant event in global history. Existential debates on survival will continue – as we increasingly integrate into the mainstream.

As a country, we are only too conscious of our shortcomings – the world outside does not need to point fingers. Politicians and industrialists react with typical candour – some may even find a hint of servility. Magicians need gullible audiences – the brown Asian fits into the mould admirably.

Glib Western messiahs in fancy business suits suit our pretentious midriff- the country’s burgeoning middle class. Do the poor really matter in our scheme of things? Writers in blogs cannot be seers- intellectual speculation however is a very human failing. Only time will tell whether the country lives up to its incredible aspirations. Till then we await a new beginning – benign and benefical.


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Hello world!

Posted by Sunil on November 17, 2008

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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