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Surreal City Excerpts

Posted by Sunil on August 9, 2013

Hi Folks,

Here’s something to entertain you. Excerpts from “Surreal City”. Only the racy sensual parts. If you would care to read the description; my novel is a paranormal thriller. In short, the supernatural. No AXN, just a rollercoaster ride around the world. Apparently, Sunny Leone is the most searched star in India; and Kate Middleton somewhere in the Wild, Wild World. (West; but that’s the rest; the globe with my friends from China, the Americas, Africa, the North and South Poles).

So something;( To make it absolutely clear: Excerpts from My Novel: Surreal City” © Sunil Kumar, 2012)

Also Everybody Kindly read this stuff in bold:

#1: (A Scene somewhere(Old Delhi): Khurbaz’s friend Shadab meets the dusky Begum Afroza late at night. Never during the bright incoherent light of day. The strict rules their families follow mean that devising an ingenious method is necessary. They meet at their cousin Aaliyah’s place, mostly empty, always available.

They meet secretly at night, laughing and jumping in a melodramatic garam-masala way. The house is very dark, and the dogs are barking relentlessly. The light switches off and on, a set for a horror movie. Sex has to be partially lighted, a touchy-feely extravaganza.

Realizing they are completely alone, Afroza tempts him, unabashedly. Shadab carries her straight to the next room; ignoring the stained and kababed walls. They change positions partially undressed in a ridiculously small space.

As Afroza takes off her embroidered salwar, Shadab grabs her big round breasts. He squeezes one of them, hard. At that moment, he feels nothing else matters. Just the intense, hot touching, the tiny champagne-bubbles of ecstasy, everywhere.

She rubs her nipples suggestively, then grabs the bed sheet and rolls over completely. Her body is extremely curvy and tight. A wrapped, busty Amazon. She is now completely naked, moaning and wriggling.

As she moves her hips, Shadab is even more aroused. He looks at her hair and bosom, the abode of unrestrained love. Afroza stares at him, and then starts licking his mouth’s corners. They look at the ceiling; the sex goes on till dawn.

Scene # 2( The Coast of Ipanema: I mean somewhere in Brazil):

Antonio’s naked, almost. Removing his underwear, he goes into the old bathroom. The shower is running. Flavia will come in the evening, quickly, after work. A little reflection reminds him of all the past women, the ghost of Christmas past, the busty Italian women or the small, delicate fingers of the short Far Eastern masseuse. His latest flame can be a roller-coaster in bed, a blow hot, blow cold love machine.

Flavia sneaks in, closing the room softly. There is a fire running in the main room, as hot as the one within them. The shower is running, and Flavia strips down to her knickers. “Do you smoke?,” she asks. “Sometimes,” Antonio replies quickly.

“Well I do that,most of the time!,” Flavia says. She removes her flimsy lacy top. Her pink nipples are gleaming in the soft light, a stunning gleaming costume. Antonio grins and lies down. Flavia runs her fingers over his torso, making him even more aroused. An empty wine glass is lying quietly on the side.

Flavia’s breasts bounce and jiggle in front of him. Her body sways, as Antonio’s hands reach for her thighs. They kiss wildly, moaning softly into each other with short, panting breaths. He starts off slowly, and then gets faster as she becomes more excited.

“Bite me,” she says. Her whole body convulses as she scratches his back and screams. He grabs her hair, and they make love till the morning.

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Posted by Sunil on December 6, 2012

By Sunil Kumar

The roof of the world; a plateau region in Asia, north-east of the Himalayas. In today’s world; Tibet is synonymous with quiet reflection; synonymous with a mythical Shangri-la. A closer look at the country’s history reveals a more violent past; tempered by its association with Buddhism, an Indian cultural import.

Today’s cartographic boundaries are not like the past; the relatively fluid, mystical kingdoms that existed in close proximity. We have relatively rigid dividers, and more insularity. Admittedly, democratization in one thing; the internet gives us access to instant communication. But, merely two centuries back; the world must have seemed infinitely more mysterious, lost worlds waiting to be discovered.

It may come as a shock to some that what seems like a placid, docile people were in-fact intensely warlike at one time. In the eighth century, Tibet had even conquered some parts of modern-day China, including Xi’an. But, the most interesting part of the country was its esoteric doctrines; stories of transportation, levitation, shape-shifting that can beat any science fiction story for sheer fantastical quotient. The land of the lamas had always been construed as an obscure philosophical conundrum; a sort of Eastern Egypt.

China’s atheist Cultural Revolution destroyed a lot of the ancient monastic system; so the world may never know what was transmitted by Tibetan and Indian philosophers such as Nagarjuna and Padmasambhava. But, even with what remains of its past; most people can make an educated guess as to the mental labyrinth of the Indian- influenced Tibetan intellectual maze. Fans of the country’s military history may be intrigued by the fact that even as early as 1834; the Sikhs had invaded Tibet under Zorawar Singh.

Religion in Tibet; its Bon, shamanistic and Tantric Buddhist practices including the ‘Book of the Dead’ are again some of the other-worldly parts of the country’s cultural identity.

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